Trendy Jewellery - 10% off!

Itís obvious that Rhomberg has lovely pieces for the neck, wrist, fingers and ears, in all shapes and styles, in platinum, gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel, for singles and lovers, for men and women. But the body has many more interesting presentation surfaces, so itís best to go to a Rhomberg jewellery shop for these as well. The range of products also includes belly chains, bracelets for the upper arm, anklets, nose rings, toe rings and navel jewellery. In short, everything that the heart desires.

You can buy jewellery at Rhomberg for a less. You benefit from a discount of 10% off the entire offer of jewellery (excluding reduced articles). So enter your online orders via schmuck.ch (enter advantage code 2448) for the 10% discount.

Information on jewellery and where you can find the 27 Rhomberg jewellery shops is at schmuck.ch, in the discount search or in the address section of the guides.

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