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Already 18? Exchange the EURO<26 for a EURO<26 VISA Card
This swap pays off: With the EURO<26 VISA Card, you can pay without cash anywhere in the world. VISA is accepted at more than 24 million cash registers in restaurants, stores, etc. To get the EURO<26 VISA Card: Order application via Tel. + (0) 31 387 12 00 or download it, fill it out and send it in. The card costs nothing during the 1st year and CHF 25 per year starting in the second year.

How you can get a EURO<26 VISA Card:
Take the application for the EURO<26 VISA Card from the EURO<26 Guide or
download, print, fill it out and send it or order it via telephone at + (0) 31 387 12 00, fill it out and send it to TopCard Service AG, Flughofstrasse 35, Postfach, 8152 Glattbrugg/Zurich, Switzerland

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