The NIVEA story began with the trailblazing discovery of eucerit, the first water-in-oil emulsifier. In 1911, Oskar Troplowitz, the owner of Beiersdorf, developed a skin cream on the basis of this emulsion. In December of the same year, the first skin cream in the world with a long-lasting effect came onto the market. Troplowitz gave it the name of NIVEA, derived from the Latin word niveus ("snow-white").

The brand NIVEA now includes products for these areas: skin creams, body lotions, facial skin care, sun protection, skin care for babies, bath/shower products, deodorants, shaving products, hair-care products, hair styling and decorative cosmetics. In more than 170 countries, people trust in products by NIVEA.

NIVEA stands for mild skin-care, as well as products with consistent high quality at a reasonable price. And always in harmony with the needs and wishes of the consumers so that NIVEA will also be valued as much tomorrow as the first NIVEA Crème was in 1911!

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