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Theme magazines, the companion to TWEN magazine.
Since 2007, the theme magazines have accompanied TWEN magazine and turned into a core component. After the focus of "respect" in 2008, the theme for this year is "courage" and will be discussed in view of the four sub-themes of "moral courage," "fuel," "homeland" and "simply simple."

The theme magazines are a supplement and expansion of our imprimatur. Schools like to also use them as teaching materials. They take an extensive and profound look at the exciting questions of life and social/cultural values.

Current issue: moral courage
The latest issue of TWEN is focused on the topic of "moral courage." At the myrespect website, we summarise the most important information from the magazine for you. You will find additional links and can exchange your experiences and observations on this topic with others.

You can also download the complete magazine as a PDF (2 MB) or order it per post (min. of 10 copies).

Previous issues:
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  • Use the contact form below to order. Don’t forget to include your name, address, which issue of the theme magazine, which language and – of course - the number of magazines.

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